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Decked Out Gardens Testimonials

Testimonials: Testimonials

Brent has been in charge of landscape/ gardening maintenance at our Lane Cove Gardens village for the past two years. During that time, he has transformed the village surrounds with his clear vision, reliable work ethic and attention to detail.

Whether it be to create a positive first impression in communal areas and walkways or to present a unit for sale, Brent will firstly consult with myself and the team on what we want, then comes up with a plan that gives careful consideration to the type of plants, the colours, and desired layouts.

One of Brent’s key strengths is that he is extremely mindful of resident safety. There have been a number of instances where Brent has alerted me to potential risks around the village and has acted quickly to remove them. This includes identifying overgrown trees in need of removal before they collapsed in bad weather, or tree root systems that were showing signs of penetration to footpaths and drainage systems, therefore posing trip hazards to residents and threats to building integrity.

Additionally, Brent has great rapport with our residents as he is highly approachable and sensitive to their needs. He is always willing to listen, and this in turn creates an additional feedback loop with management.

Finally, our on-site management team find Brent and his team easy to deal with, efficient and reasonably priced.

I am very satisfied with our outcomes and would recommend Brent and his team without reservation.


Ben Baldwin

Compliance & Asset Management Officer

Baldwin Living

Ben Baldwin

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